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K-12 Schools Improve Test Scores with SchoolBrains

After 7 years, SchoolBrains still leads the way

SchoolBrains SchoolBrains:TPA™ brings testing and performance assessment to K-12 educators through a secure, convenient Web-based solution that facilitates better, quicker data-driven decision making at the district level and in the classroom.  SchoolBrains:TPA gives teachers and administrators the tools they need to track, manage, analyze and improve both student performance and AYP results.

SchoolBrains:TPA allows educators to build, deploy, and analyze their own assessments to envision new approaches to classroom learning. Educators can build district-wide benchmark assessments or classroom-level formative assessments that pave the way for improved student achievement. With a full range of options for testing deployment, educators can administer their tests online or in hard-copy format. Paper tests are printed to a clean PDF format, with automatically generated bar codes included for scanning.

SchoolBrains:TPA includes a powerful, easy-to-use visual testing analysis (VTA) tool that brings the full potential of formative assessment to life. Within a few clicks, users can break down and compare district and school performance on tests, individual questions, individual standards, and much more. Import results on mandated statewide assessments and benchmark tests to paint a complete picture of your district’s data, right down to the student level. Student profile pages pull together all past results of any assessment on a single page for at-a-glance viewing of student performance over time.

Test questions in SchoolBrains:TPA™ can be enriched with advanced images, tables, and custom formatting. Educators may use their own items, commercially available items from any third party, the fully integrated NWEA Item Bank or a combination of both.

SchoolBrains’ Key Benefits For Your School


—  Meet AYP goals through benchmarking, knowing where your district stands for state and federal requirements
— Improve classroom instruction by determining which concepts need more attention
— Build excitement in your district by giving your testing team easy-to-use and effective tools
— Maximize efficiency with a streamlined assessment plan, from creation to administration
— Get the most from your results with SchoolBrains Visual Testing Analysis, easily allowing for longitudinal and subgroup analysis
— Give students individual attention with SchoolBrains student profiles for remediation                                                                                                                                    —-  ++ Use a system built for you – questions aligned to your state’s standards, data that matches your schools’ classroom structure

Effectively Improve Student Achievement in your school today:

 Contact William Densberger, Vice President of School Relations at SchoolBrains

Phone: 508-420-6400 x 732     email: bill@SchoolBrains.com


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